About Me

My name is Paul Isaac, I am a graphic artist. I was employed at Scholastic Canada Limited, the best children's publisher in the World. I worked in the Marketing Division for Creative Services. Here it was a collaboration of Artist and Editor that produced full colour BookClubs that went into schools across Canada. So I'm proud to say we promoted literacy to schools and young children. Along with designing flyers, I also did a fair bit of the digital photography for our department as well as other divisions in-house. So between BookClub designing and Photography I was quite busy.

After 17 years of designing for print it was time for a change. It became very clear that as a graphic artist it would be benificial to acquire some Web knowledge. So with the industry changing so quickly, to keep my self current and updated I enrolled at Seneca College for the Webmaster Content Design Course. Once meeting with the staff at Seneca, I found them to be very approachable and left my interview much more informed about the course. Both instructors are very professional and knowledgable in all current aspect in the industry.

I enjoy Photography, Gardening, various types of music. I also like to cook and admit to being a Food Network Junkie. Recently I have been liking the new Thai Food Restaurant that recently opened in my neighbourhood. My guilty pleasures would be Classic Coca Cola, but it must be drunk ice cold and out of the can, none of that watered down stuff pumped from the fast food restaurants. I've travelled to Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Montreal, USA, and would sometime like to see Europe or the Far East at some point.