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Classroom Essential Catalogue 2007, model shot
Classroom Essentials Catalogue 2007

Classroom Essentials Catalogues are sent into schools targeted to Teachers.
It often contains, resources, educational games, thematic decorations and more than 2,000 items to be used as teaching tools for the classroom.

Here is another example of our model posing as a Teacher. She was shot in house in our studio. I used 2 Strobes with softbox attachements(one strobe would be wired to the camera as a slave to trigger the 2nd strobe), along with additional lights to accent the models dark hair. A seemless backdrop was used to help make clipping and manipulation of the image easy for the artist doing the layout. Olympus Digital camera was used and the image was manipulated in photoshop. This model was used in this promotion and then later resused a number of time on later issues.

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