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My name is Paul Isaac, I worked for Canada's Leading Publisher and Distributer of Children's Books –SCHOLASTIC CANADA LTD. for a number of years. Excellent Teamwork and Collaboration between Artist and Editor, successfully produced Full-Colour Book Clubs Promoting Literacy in Schools across Canada.

Along with designing monthly promotions, I was the Department's Digital Photographer. This allowed me to play with another medium other than Print and it was an excellent means of eliminating out-sourcing costs!

Since technology appears to be changing at a rapid pace, I enrolled in the Webmaster Content Site Design Certificate Course at Seneca College. The course curriculum covered: XHTML, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, JavaScript, and PHP. The final module, Project Management was especially interesting, because it presented the opportunity to work with a real client to produce their website. If you are interested, take a look at the Web Gallery section of my site.

I believe acquiring knowledge of yet another medium (Web), makes me more well rounded as an Artist.
And keeping my Skills up to date and Current is Paramount!

As a graduate of the Webmaster Content Site Design Certificate Course, I am now looking forward to sharing my Knowledge and Creativity, should you be interested in my work. Please take the time to browse through my site. If something sparks your interest, Contact me.
Your feedback is Invaluable!

I hope this will be an Inspiring Experience for you,

Best regards,
Paul Isaac